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Weight Loss

I really do hate running . . . . .

It's difficult and frustrating when you are injured.  I use my running and training to help deal with stress, I also find I can organise my thoughts during exercise and activity.  Coming back from a run, I become the most pro-active person you will meet! Naturally, there is also the fitness aspect, achieving something, constantly adding mileage when I frequently have my own doubts as to how much further I can go. 
I can relate to those who just ignore aches and pains, most people who have played sport will have ignored an injury to some extent with a nagging voice trying to tell us to do otherwise.

Exercise of the week

Exercise of the Week:
(Complete this exercise 1 x p/day for 7 days)
BEGINNER –Burpees 10 – 15 (Green)
INTERMEDIATE –Burpees with press-ups 15 – 20 (Orange)
ADVANCED –Burpees with press-ups & starjumps20 – 25 (Red)
If you have any injuries/ concerns before completing please get in touch.
Stand upright with yoru feet hip to shoulder width.
Place your hands on the floor, jump your feet out, if you need to decrease the intensity step each leg out one at a time.


Quinoa Salad with Dried Apricots & Baby Spinach
This spicy salad with little jewels of dried apricot in the mix would be welcome at lunch or a simple weekday dinner. You can prepare the salad and dressing ahead of time.
1cup quinoa
2teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
2cloves garlic, minced
1/2cup dried apricots, coarsely chopped
2cups water
1/4teaspoon salt

Choosing to Get Started with Another Diet and Exercise Programme . . . .

Firstly, I dont believe in diets and not one of my clients is on one. Shocked? No? Brilliant, then we are on the same wavelength!
Diets have created a legacy of negative preconceptions about food, our weight and how the two are connected. Thoughts that tend to be associated with diets include cutting out food, bingeing i.e cramming in that last and what is meant to be final takeaway, large bar of chocolate or that mega size packet of crisps.
Do you get that familiar sinking feeling, I know I need to get back on the diet.

I Never Though I Could . . . . . . My Weight Loss Diary Part 5

This diet and exercise plan is changing me. It’s changing me physically, it’s changing me emotionally and it’s changing me mentally.
It’s been almost a year now and quite a lot weight has dropped off, so much in fact that people are now starting to notice there is something different about me.  Don’t get me wrong I am still a big girl, but to my friend and family I am looking smaller.  And this is where things start to get a bit tricky.
Everyone is delighted for me, they are very interested in the changes I have made,asking what is making me stick to the diet this time and how good do I look now?

I Never Thought I Could . . . My Weight Loss Diary Part 4

I don’t like change.  Everyone who knows me knows I like things to be a certain way. I have my own little routines that I do, and I plod on doing what I have always done.  That is how my life is, this is fact.  So my question is what am I doing in the gym at this ridiculous time of the morning when I could be still in my bed?  Apparently the answer to this is it’s because I am changing.  I wonder if I say I don’t like things to change because it is so much easier to continue on with things as they are, rather than face up to the fact that I am unhappy.

I Never Thought I Could . . . . . . My Weight-Loss Diary Part 3

I have decided I will be an early morning gym bunny.  I have put a lot of thought into it.  I am lazy and know I won’t go in the evening after work.  I think the early mornings will set me up nicely for the day and leave me full of enthusiasm for the day ahead.  The real reason for going in the morning?  Less people go to the gym in the morning and therefore less people will see me huffing and puffing and struggling to do the easiest of exercises.  It’s going to be embarrassing and I don’t want it witnessed.

I Never Thought I could . . . . . . My Weight-Loss diary part 2

So I’m sitting in the lounge at the gym about to have my consultation with the personal trainer. I’ve run through in my head the questions I think she will ask and have rehearsed the answers I think she will want to hear.  So far so good.
Already my mind is running ahead wondering how long it will take to lose 4 stone.  I always aim for 4 stone.  I could live quite happily being 14½ stone, that doesn’t seem too bad in my mind.
Oh no here she comes, and she looks like she is serious about this!

I never thought I could . . . . . My Weight-loss Diary

I have been overweight for most, if not all of my adult life.  I have dieted and pigged out on a rotating basis.  I was a professional eater.  I’m not overly fussy but I eat in bulk and have the capacity to put away massive amounts of food.  I have tried every diet club you could imagine although I was never a fan of the real extreme diets like the cabbage soup or egg diet although was very tempted on many occasions to try the Mars bar diet.  I was a big fan of low calorie ready meals, everything you need in a microwavable dish.
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