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I really do hate running . . . . .

It's difficult and frustrating when you are injured.  I use my running and training to help deal with stress, I also find I can organise my thoughts during exercise and activity.  Coming back from a run, I become the most pro-active person you will meet! Naturally, there is also the fitness aspect, achieving something, constantly adding mileage when I frequently have my own doubts as to how much further I can go. 
I can relate to those who just ignore aches and pains, most people who have played sport will have ignored an injury to some extent with a nagging voice trying to tell us to do otherwise.  Eventually, admitting defeat we normally have to rest.  I have learnt alot about my body in the last few years, especially during times of injury. 
We all say -'yeah, yeah, I know', we stretch for a few days then as the pain decreases we forget to keep the stretching up.  Gradually, it becomes something we only do when we are feeling the pinch or after exercising.  I understand this, stretching is boring, I used to think like this as well
Another aspect of being injured I have suddenly become aware of is the social support you receive from being in a team.  When I played rugby I always tried to keep in touch with anyone who was injured, this is important to maintain confidence and the feeling of being part of a team.  However, there is only me, myself and I!  This is the difficulty for those who train alone, social support, that is the support of friends, colleagues and others who train is important to maintain a positive outlook when injured, moral support is important in any type of goals.  This also helps with motivation and in dealing with the loss of a normal coping mechanism or hobby.
I have just completed my first 10 minutes of running since the Spartan Beast, after the niggles have settled down.  I am ready for my next set of 10 - 15 minutes, fingers crossed for me folks.  Hopefully I will be back on track to my goals before we know it.  I have have big goals to fulfill for 2013.
How have you gotten on with running injuries, or other injuries?  What has your response to injury been?
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