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Exercise of the week

Exercise of the Week:
(Complete this exercise 1 x p/day for 7 days)
BEGINNER – Burpees 10 – 15 (Green)
INTERMEDIATE – Burpees with press-ups 15 – 20 (Orange)
ADVANCED – Burpees with press-ups & starjumps 20 – 25 (Red)
If you have any injuries/ concerns before completing please get in touch.
Stand upright with yoru feet hip to shoulder width.
Place your hands on the floor, jump your feet out, if you need to decrease the intensity step each leg out one at a time.
 Keep your core engaged, hips in line with your body. 
Now jump your feet back into your hands.  Jump up.
Add in a press-up in at the bottom, if you need to do press-ups on your knees, drop to your knees with your feet off the floor.  Complete the press-up before completing the burpee exercise as described above.
Complete as described above, in the squat jump complete a star jump with both feet leaving the ground where possible.
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