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Choosing to Get Started with Another Diet and Exercise Programme . . . .

Firstly, I dont believe in diets and not one of my clients is on one. Shocked? No? Brilliant, then we are on the same wavelength!
Diets have created a legacy of negative preconceptions about food, our weight and how the two are connected. Thoughts that tend to be associated with diets include cutting out food, bingeing i.e cramming in that last and what is meant to be final takeaway, large bar of chocolate or that mega size packet of crisps.
Do you get that familiar sinking feeling, I know I need to get back on the diet. Maybe tomorrow?? Does tomorrow ever come? Honestly?
It worked before, so it will work again? Consider . . . . . . did it really work?
If you always do the same things/ make the same choices in the same situations the outcome will be the SAME!
It is time to choose a different path, one that hasn't been followed or well worn: 
Imagine, you are standing on the edge of a forest, in front of you are what looks like two potential paths. There is the path that has been selected on numerous occasions, easy to follow, you could almost walk this one blind-folded. The other less obvious path, it requires consideration each time you move your foot, there is thick undergrowth stopping you from seeing where you are going. Its a little bit scary taking a new route you do not know the outcome of or what the effects will really be.
You have to use different tools to make progress down this route, you cut down some of the undergrowth but you reach a thick area of underbrush, so you head back down this path and take the path that you know. Far easier, but those same issues crop up and you end up back at the start. Once again, you might try to go down the new path you had started to create, you get further down the path this time along the section you have already cleared, this time you get past that tough gnarly blockage and get a step further.
This will happen at varying times in your journey, dont beat yourself up, simply accept that it may not have been the best choice but it is past, you can not change it but you CAN make the next decision one that takes you toward your goals.
No two journeys are the same, what are you going to take from each one?
Weight loss, toning, increase your fitness, no matter what your goals, we all travel this road at least once.
Remember life is not full of failures, simply lots of learning curves!
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