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I Never Thought I Could . . . . . . My Weight-Loss Diary Part 3

I have decided I will be an early morning gym bunny.  I have put a lot of thought into it.  I am lazy and know I won’t go in the evening after work.  I think the early mornings will set me up nicely for the day and leave me full of enthusiasm for the day ahead.  The real reason for going in the morning?  Less people go to the gym in the morning and therefore less people will see me huffing and puffing and struggling to do the easiest of exercises.  It’s going to be embarrassing and I don’t want it witnessed.
I have set a couple of goals (I have a feeling Louise isn’t going to forget she asked me that – surprisingly good memory she has – which I often forget)
Achievable goals are – stick to the gym for at least 3 months then see what happens after that, committing to 3 sessions a week and to be in control of my eating and aim for steady but good weight loss each week.
Pie in the sky aims are for sticky out collar bones and muscles on my arms.  I want guns.  I have drawn the line at a six pack; sadly I feel I will always have a keg.
So I am feeling really nervous waiting for Louise to meet me, I really don’t know what to expect.  We chat for a bit, running through what will be in the session. She runs through the basics of each machine and explains a bit about what they do, how they work the different parts of your body, which of course I completely forget as soon as we move to the next bit of equipment.  I am now going on the treadmill, here we go I think let’s show her what you can do.  Turns out not a lot – I thought I was great though and managed 3mph on the treadmill, although I blame my very baggy joggers and t shirt for not being very aerodynamic.  I thought this was quite good given my lack of exercise experience but looking back I suppose it was an indication of how unfit I really was.  However it was a starting point and something to improve on.  I was asked if there was anything I really didn’t like and said the bike, not realising there was also the rower, cross-trainer and stair master that I could have picked from too!  Luckily I didn’t get the bike.
We went through to a smaller room in the gym which had floor space and other equipment.  That little gym was the best place for me to be.  It was very quiet, out of the way and I felt very safe in there.
I felt very out of my depth and a bit daft.  I felt people were looking at me and judging me on my size and abilities which of course they weren’t.  As time went on and my confidence grew, people would speak to me and were very encouraging.  That encouragement really goes a long way to motivate you and keep you going when you don’t think you can do any more. 
We did some floor exercises.  My body could barely support itself, I had no core strength at all and would just tip over and I couldn’t even sit on my bum on the floor and lift my legs up off the ground without tipping over.  I lost count of the number of times I said “sorry can I try that again? And “what? Sorry I don’t understand what you mean”.  I think I am a reasonably intelligent woman but ten minutes into this exercise caper and I couldn’t get my body to do what my brain wanted it to do.  My arms were very weak, although my legs seemed to be quite strong; I aced those step ups!!
And that was it over – the fastest hour of my life!   And do you know, I quite enjoyed it.   I was very red in the face, way too sweaty for my liking and a little bit shaky in the legs, but I enjoyed it.  We agreed to meet once a week for a personal training session.  I felt if I saw Louise at least once a week I would learn good techniques and would be guaranteed a good workout.  I can’t remember if I was weighed at this session or the next but the scales showed 17stone 9pounds.  I had lost 11 pounds by myself over the last 6 or 7 weeks since Christmas.  Not a bad effort without exercise, but imagine what I could do if I went to the gym 3 times a week on top of that.
My first week’s homework was to try to engage my core as often as possible.  I also had to keep a food diary.  Great, so now on top of thinking about food all the time, I now had to write about it.
Despite all my wee moans and groans I left the gym absolutely buzzing and feeling so positive about things.  Must be all them endorphin things everyone talks about…..
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