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I Never Thought I could . . . . . . My Weight-Loss diary part 2

So I’m sitting in the lounge at the gym about to have my consultation with the personal trainer. I’ve run through in my head the questions I think she will ask and have rehearsed the answers I think she will want to hear.  So far so good.
Already my mind is running ahead wondering how long it will take to lose 4 stone.  I always aim for 4 stone.  I could live quite happily being 14½ stone, that doesn’t seem too bad in my mind.
Oh no here she comes, and she looks like she is serious about this!!  She tells me a bit about what she does and how she works and what I can expect from her.  She also tells me what her expectations would be from me.  She talks about goals, and achieving them and how good nutrition and exercising regularly can get you the results you want.  All stuff I already know but don’t really apply.
I was then asked questions but not the questions I thought I would be asked.  What was I looking to achieve from the session and the gym?  How would I feel when I achieved my goals?  And to be honest I didn’t have an answer to that as I have never achieved a goal. I think I gave the standard answer of “I would feel amazing” after all that would just about cover it.
The one thing I was clear about though was that I would be gone from the gym within 3 months – that was my track record previously and although I wouldn’t class it as a goal as such, was definitely atarget I was going to meet.  I did tell Louise this, and she noted this in her notepad – although I didn’t realise at the time, she was probably thinking to herself, yeah we’ll see about that.  I now know Louise loves a challenge.
I did decide to make the most of the 3 months at the gym and lose as much weight as possible before the boredom set in.  I might even manage to keep it off this time.
Looking back now though, I feel that things were starting to change for me, but I probably just didn’t know it.  Just by the fact that I accepted the personal training session.  That is something that I really did not ever fancy doing.
So, we parted and agreed to meet early one morning to do the session.  I was given the task of going away and thinking about setting goals – achievable goals and I left thinking that this might be ok. Absolutely clueless and no idea what was coming.
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