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I Never Thought I could . . . . . . My Weight-Loss diary part 2

So I’m sitting in the lounge at the gym about to have my consultation with the personal trainer. I’ve run through in my head the questions I think she will ask and have rehearsed the answers I think she will want to hear.  So far so good.
Already my mind is running ahead wondering how long it will take to lose 4 stone.  I always aim for 4 stone.  I could live quite happily being 14½ stone, that doesn’t seem too bad in my mind.
Oh no here she comes, and she looks like she is serious about this!

I never thought I could . . . . . My Weight-loss Diary

I have been overweight for most, if not all of my adult life.  I have dieted and pigged out on a rotating basis.  I was a professional eater.  I’m not overly fussy but I eat in bulk and have the capacity to put away massive amounts of food.  I have tried every diet club you could imagine although I was never a fan of the real extreme diets like the cabbage soup or egg diet although was very tempted on many occasions to try the Mars bar diet.  I was a big fan of low calorie ready meals, everything you need in a microwavable dish.

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Mums On a Mission

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