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I have been over weight and unfit for the last 38years of my life, I am 51 so I have been unhappy with my body for longer than I have been happy, reasons given:
New boyfriend – eating and drinking out a lot while courting
Contraceptive pill – everyone knows you gain weight
Stopping smoking – licences to eat
Being pregnant – eating for two
Feeding little ones – shame to throw out left overs
Being un happy – drink another bottle of wine
Separating – Great  thin period in my life, not healthy as I started smoking again
Socialising’s – got to meet people – eating and drinking 
New relationship – feeding new partner, eating and drinking out
Stress at work – more wine and food
Stopping smoking – licence to eat
Dieting, fasting and binging for the last 38 years
I could go on and on but I have found the answer, it a wee slip of a lass who has transformed my life, I no longer see food as the enemy  or as treats but as fuel something to enjoy, look forward to, to plan. I no longer look for the latest quick fix diet or quick fit fitness programme I just plug away at stuff I know how to do. Exercises that have been shown explained and proved work. An eating plan to suit my needs, not some general thing, which does not fit my life style.Louise has given me something back which I lost a long time ago, confidence to take control of my body, she has shown me how to exercise, no fancy gym equipment required, no hours of boring work outs with some ultra-glam skinny babe yelling at me,  whooping with glee. No she sets you a challenge which will push you but you know will get you results. You are in control, you choose the when and the where, you make it happen, she inspires you, Louise does not use negative language there is no can’t, won’t or even should words allowed. It is can and will and could, these worlds simple as they sound will change your life. Louise will encourage you to see the positive and not dwell on negative thoughts which sabotage you self-esteem, embrace every change in your metal attitude, stop worrying over numbers, feel the difference in your clothes, feel the difference in your body, enjoy all the great comments from friend and family. The weight will take care of itself if you take care of yourself.It is not rocket science, there is no fancy diet, no fancy exercise programme, it can be hard work but it works, why make thing difficult for yourself, you are only setting yourself up to fail, tomorrow is a new day a fresh start, you can’t change what happened yesterday but you can change tomorrow.  This is not journey for the faint hearted Louise will not molly coddle you, she is pushing you to make the most of yourself, it is not just a career for Louise but a mission to support people to change, she believes in what she says, she will not beat you up for slipping up but will encourage you to move forward, no regressing, that’s the way to go. We are all human and are prone to err but Louise won’t let you beat yourself up about, she only asks for you to move on work as hard as you can and reap the rewards.  I started off weighting 17 stone 7 pounds and came down to 13 stone 7 pounds.
G. Wilmot
The only thing that would have put me off working with Louise would have been my own self confidence in my ability to train ( and maybe knowing how hard she was going to kick my ass, ha ha ). However this would have been the same for any trainer, as my fitness level was so low
For me Louise is the most inspirational trainer I've come across and has a depth of knowledge in her field that is unbelievable. Although her approach at first may seem really strict and tough, you very soon come to realise that she is giving you the best advice and training for you to get the results that you want to achieve. This is key because she tailors every training programme to the individual and can see what you can achieve. The only thing that can stop this from happening is you. You have to be receptive to the advice that Louise gives, sometimes you won't want to hear it but her tough love approach really works.
Louise has a very positive outlook on life and training. I find her really inspirational, as she can put a positive spin on things that you may be finding hard, in life and training. She can help you look at things from a different perspective and build your self confidence through her training and advice. I find that I always come away from training with a bit of her positivity.
My achievement so far with Louise speak for themselves: Weightloss, Fitness and Confidence. In a space of 12 weeks I have lost just over a stone and a half. She has helped me have the confidence in myself to eat properly and say 'No' to people when they offer food that is not on my training programme. My self confidence in general has gone up ten fold. Louise had helped me see that it is only me that can stop me from achieving my goal weight and fitness level
I have recommended Louise's training and classes to everyone that has commented on my weightloss. I cannot commend her highly enough. If you are needing to lose weight or even just get your fitness up, Louise can really help you. When I first started my fitness was at an all time low, due to having 2 children in the space of 3 years and my weight was at an all time high. I had very low self esteem due to the way I looked and felt and Louise has helped me turn my life around. I still have a way to go but I know that i will achieve my goal weight and peak fitness with Louise's guidance.

Erin Smith
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