Louise's PT 4 U - Bring YOUR health and fitness goals ALIVE!
Personal Training
Personal Training Company based in Dundee City Centre with a fully qualified female trainer. 
1-2-1 Personal Training and Semi-Private PT sessions are available!


Initial consultation is included in the price.
'I first worked with Louise since September 2012. In the time since then she has helped me to change my lifestyle in manageable ways that fit in with a hectic work schedule for the most part, but that have made a huge difference to my health and well-being. I no longer have sore knees, or feel tired a lot. In fact, now I feel great! I just love that I can run and do things I have never done before. My confidence has grown to take on challenges I'd never have considered before. Louise will help you to stop making excuses (to yourself, mainly - she's heard them all before!) and start making a positive and sustainable difference. But watch out - you'll need a whole new (smaller size) wardrobe!'
(Gail G)
'I started doing Personal Training some time ago now with Louise's PT 4 U as I was struggling to lose weight on my own. I did go regularly to the gym but was stuck in a rut doing the same routine and as my weight wasn't shifting it obviously needed changing. Louise soon got me working on a variety of exercises. I began to use weights which I'd never really used before and this has really helped tone my upper body. Louise also had me do some running ( which I used to moan about a lot) she pushed me harder than I ever would of done on my own. I agreed to run a 10km race and training began- now just over a year later I've run that distance many times and also 2 half marathons as well as a couple of obstacle races. I would never of believed I was capable of doing that when I first started out with louise, but its been more fun than I expected and now I look for new things to try. I have also attended group classes with Louise such as Thump Boxing and bootcamps- you get a great workout and fun at the same time . I've also gained some great new friends through attending classes. Get in touch with Louise's PT4U, you wont regret it!' (Karen B, 48 years)
"What can I say about Louise? She's a tough task master, but then again she kind of has to be if she's going to do her job properly! I'm one of those people who've only been there a couple of times - once to a Saturday seminar that she held on nutrition and exercise and then once again for a check over where she assessed my levels of fitness and nutritional intake. In both cases I was very impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and approachable manner. She knows her stuff and she puts it to very good use!

Whilst I'm not really one for regular trips to the gym I do try to keep an eye on what I eat and the exercise that I take; and attending both the seminar and my "check-over" have been a real help and eye opener for me.

If there was anyone that I would recommend for health & fitness training and advice then it would be Louise!

Paul Smith
Civil Design Engineer - Scottish Water Solutions 2.
I look forward to working with you!  
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