Louise's PT 4 U - Bring YOUR health and fitness goals ALIVE!
Louise's PT 4 U

Specialising in WOMEN through the passage of life, at any age!

Louise's PT 4 U has the skills to work with women of any age to help them achieve the goals that they truly dream of hitting.  Louise helps you to focus on the 'can do' how to build in a healthy routine within your existing lifestyle.

Louise is passionate in helping you finding the correct path to achieving your personal goals, these may be weight loss, strength and toning, taking part in a challenge i.e. a 5k/ 10km or further?  Or maybe even an obstacle race, one of my favourites, don't wait for the perfect day, you CAN make the perfect day by doing something different, contact Louise by email at louisept4u@yahoo.co.uk.

You might be pregnant and would like to remain active throughout to give you and your newborn the most active and healthy start.
Already passed that stage, there is a full programme from 'Pregnancy to Post-natal' available for you continue being active in pregnancy and lead by example doing exercises that will help reduce tiredness, increased energy to deal with the extra pressures placed on the body at this time, strategies to help the body recover to the best of its ability.

Working with a personal trainer is no longer just for the younger generation, as we grow older we can improve our energy levels, our muscle tone to help us keep moving and for stability in our movements to prevent falls.  To help maintain healthy weight, these are just a few of the goals of those aging who choose to be active and take part in personal training sessions.  Exercises are adapted for each individuals ability and fitness, you can do these individually or semi-private personal training.  This involves working with a friend or a small group of you (up to 4 women) to help reduce cost or bring some socialising into the equation.  I am lucky enough to work with some wonderful ladies.

If you would like more information please contact me by either completing the 'Contact Us' form or by emailing me at louisept4u@yahoo.co.uk

Together ladies we CAN make a difference!




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